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The Caribbean Community Service Center (CCSC) was created in June 2017 in order to provide a beneficial, welcoming, and inclusive environment to Caribbean Nationals as they adapt to life in the United States. This will be performed by fostering strategic alliances with likeminded organizations. CCSC will offer a variety of service areas such as Community Services, Professional Development, Sports, Arts, & Culture, Education Development and Community Advocacy to a diverse population. It is our responsibility as members of the global community to ensure that each person that enters the shores of the United States from the Caribbean Region is provided with the basic living necessities to settle, strive and grow. The sense of belonging is crucial to the individuals and their family as they learn the nuances and become acclimated to the cultural, social, educational and professional norms of the USA. It is our duty to provide them with the tools necessary to integrate without assimilating in the US society. This allows for a welcoming, culturally diverse and inclusive environment.

Latest News

Black History Event Highlights Caribbean Nationals’ Contribution To Detroit

The Caribbean Community Service Center’s (CCSC) held its Second Annual Black History Event, on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at the Detroit Public Library’s Skillman Branch.  CCSC’s Executive Director Sophia Chue served as emcee at the event which was keynoted by Dr. Kathryn Beard, who wrote her doctoral thesis about the unique role that the Caribbean…

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